Stratagem Artists


Special Rate! $200 for consultation, branding, and website creation/rejuvination. (Note: Does not include hosting fees.)

I believe that a website is an artist's most important calling card - it represents you when you're not there to speak for yourself. It should be unique and beautiful, easy to use, and easy for you to update. Bespoke websites are wonderful, but impractical for an artist who wants to keep current. I work with a hosting site (my preference is Squarespace, but I can work on anything) to create a rich web presence for you that you can update easily.

Please fill out the form below to get started. Below that, please find a list of what assets you'll need to gather to send to me so I can get started.

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Using WeTransfer, google drive, or dropbox, please prepare/send to me (

  • Headshot(s) (high res)

  • Resume

  • Production Photos/portraits (high res)

  • Bio/About me copy

  • News/Updates copy (if you want it)

  • Press (good pull quotes or reviews)

  • Audio/video/additional media

  • Contact Info for website (don't send if you prefer for Justin to be your main contact)